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Farrand & Co

Established in Spain since 1992. We offer a service that is uniquely experienced in both Spanish and UK fiscal, taxation, personal and business financial administration. We explain and guide in straightforward and approachable terms that you will understand.

Farrand and Co - Accounting Services for Self Employed

Self Employed

At Farrand & Co we offer specialised services for those working as self-employed, both in the UK and Spain.

Accountancy and Book-keeping


Official accounting records must be kept in Spanish, comply with Spanish tax laws and the statutory chart of accounts. We prepare these records for you, normally at our offices from the original source documents provided by yourselves, thus relieving you of the burden of trying to comply with the local regulations.

This leaves you free to keep your own accounts and management information in English using the same software as you would in the UK.

If your internal accounting requirements are such that you need professional help we can assist, enabling you to spend more time on other management activities and to concentrate on expanding the business.

Staff & Payroll

The employment laws and payroll calculation are complicated. Hiring and firing is not as straight forward as in the UK. We have a special division, which advises on employment regulation, prepares contracts of employment and processes the monthly payroll.

Our aim is to relieve you of the burden of red tape involved in keeping accounts and payrolls, while advising you on how to obtain the maximum benefit from your financial and management accountancy systems.

International Clients

For larger clients, who may be subsidiaries of non-spanish parent companies, we can provide accounts which comply with International Accounting Standards.