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For more information about living and working in Spain or how our professional services can help you, contact us at info@farrandandco.com

Farrand & Co

Established in Spain since 1992. We offer a service that is uniquely experienced in both Spanish and UK fiscal, taxation, personal and business financial administration. We explain and guide in straightforward and approachable terms that you will understand.

Farrand and Co - Accounting Services for Self Employed

Self Employed

At Farrand & Co we offer specialised services for those working as self-employed, both in the UK and Spain.

Farrand & Co Launch new Website

Zumey Digital MediaOver the past weeks the team at Zumey™ Digital Media have been working hard to launch the new Farrand & Co website. This website delivers the latest concepts of a digital presence any modern organization should consider investing in.

With superb service, unlimited scalability and a keen eye for marketing and publicity, zumey sets a new trend as a trusted technology partner.