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Inheritance Tax Farrand & Co

Spanish Income Tax Rates 2005 - 2006

These rates are on income after deducting tax allowances. All figures are in Euros.

First 4,080€ @ 15%    4,162€ @ 15%   
Next 9,996€ @ 24%   10,195€ @ 24%   
Next12,240€ @ 28%12,485€ @ 28%
Next19,583€ @ 37%19,976€ @ 37%
Over45,899€ @ 45%46,818€ @ 45%

Tax Free Allowances

Personal Allowance   3,400€   3,400€  
First Child1,400€1,400€
Second Child1,500€1,500€
Third Child2,200€2,200€
Subsequent Child2,300€2,300€

Not all allowances are shown here. There are others e.g. mortgage payments, pension contributions, allowances for working mothers with children under 3, etc. etc.


To calculate the tax liability, add up the tax free allowances to which you are entitled, deduct them from your income/ earnings to arrive at your taxable income. Then using the tax tables at the top of the page you can work out the total tax payable. This will be reduced by any tax you have paid at source by deduction from your earnings.