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Will format and Questionnaire

You should discuss the tax implications of your intentions with us before formalising the Will.

'Formulario para testamento'

[To be completed in English]

Maiden name
Apellido de soltera


Date of birth
Fecha de nacimiento

Place of birth
Lugar de nacimiento
(as shown in passport)

Country of birth
Pais de nacimiento


NIE number

Name of father
Nombre del padre

Alive?    ¿vive?

Name of mother
Nombre de la madre

Alive?    ¿vive?

Name of spouse
Nombre del cónyuge

Names of previous spouses
Nombre del cónyuges anteriores

Names of children
Nombre de los hijos

Note if step-children

Names of grandchildren

Basic Contents of Will
Contenido basico del Testamento

Does this Will refer only to assets in Spain?
¿Se refiere solo a los bienes sitos en España?

Yes / No


Life Interest in the Assets to:
Usufructo de los bienes a:

For example older couples might leave their share in the house to the children, but give the surviving spouse the right to live there for life, thus reducing inheritance tax on the death of the surviving spouse This right is known as a Usufructo.

Full Title in the Assets to:
Nuda propiedad de los bienes a:

For example everything to my spouse, but in the event of her predeceasing me to etc., in equal shares. If not in equal shares show %, or in the event of specific bequests, the amount or description of item. E.g . Euros X to each of my grandchildren, such and such a ring to Y, and the remainder of my estate equally among my children. Go into as much detail as you need.

Full Control of the Assets to:
Pleno dominio de los bienes a:

This is not normally used by British citizens, but would give the control of the assets to one party and the ownership to another.